Lingerie collection



At Michelle Morren, femininity is our inspiration. Savor an exquisite experience, whether provocative or delicate, with different pieces of our exceptional selection of bras, knickers and lingerie sets. The every- day woman deserves comfort and confidence getting on with her business. The collection is a tale of the finest craftsmanship on exclusive fabrics, ensuring endless rewards in finding the perfect fit. Experience fashion and express your inner beauty.


Inspiration For a hot and dark look
Inspiration Wear your gorgeous power
Inspiration Assembled in black, lacy,
shape accentuating designs
Inspiration Leaves you feeling confident
and bossy

For a hot and dark look, the Inspiration Collection is perfectly assembled in black, lacy, shape accentuating designs that leave you feeling confident and bossy. Wear your gorgeous power underneath and don’t get flustered when letting it show when you adorn this piece. Feel fascinating and alluring with each step with this effortlessly frivolous look.

Inspiration Feel fascinating and alluring

Noble Chic

Noble Chic outstandingly luxurious
Noble Chic boudoir style

Implementation of elegance and style in shaping underwear. Use of extraordinary details in the fashion makes the collection especially sexy and aristocratic. The black colour is the favourite one — it creates depth, underlines eccentricity of lines and makes the articles finer.

Noble Chic daring and exclusive
Noble Chic temptation & luxury
Noble Chic eccentricity & glamour
Noble Chic eccentricity & glamour
Noble Chic sexuality & style
Noble Chic seductive femme fatale
Noble Chic expensive, intriguing materials

Outstandingly luxurious series of lace lingerie completed in boudoir style — special premium direction of retro style, but more daring and exclusive.

Noble Chic tender and elegant lace
Noble Chic precious sparkling thread
Noble Chic comfort fit to the figure

This is the theme of temptation, luxury, eccentricity and glamour. The main essence thereof is sexuality and style. Boudoir style creates an image of seductive femme fatale.


Fuete Each piece owns its unique
Fuete Delicately provocative

The laces encapsulate the game of the contrast in classical, truly French combination of pale pink and black. This special lace unites the thin plaiting, textured threads and clearly expressed graphical delicate edge. It includes architectural fragments of arcs in a spirit of Eiffel and charming French dots — polka dots.

Fuete Ideally designed to be
perfect to the touch
Fuete Wonderfully bring out
your femininity
Fuete Unique blend of white
lace on black

Le Plaisir

Le Plaisir exclusive atmosphere of
luxury and decadence
Le Plaisir seductive femme fatale

The collection in the style of Bohemian — aristocratic burlesque is associated with exclusive atmosphere of luxury and decadence. Thus a vivid and inimitable image of seductive femme fatale is created.

Le Plaisir strong vignettes and lashes
Le Plaisir luxury and style

Le Flirt

Le Flirt flame-red colour
Le Flirt tender and delicate materials
Le Flirt the image of romantic
Le Flirt material look lightly and

The collection is implemented in the flame-red colour. Owing to the use of tender and delicate materials, the effect of multi-layers and complicated elements of decoration, the image of romantic seductiveness is created.

Le Flirt transparent curtain lace